2019 Population Health Colloquium


Healthshare Exchange (HSX) has data on nearly 8 million patients in its growing service area, so far encompassing Greater Philadelphia and the Delaware Valley, including southeastern Pennsylvania and southern New Jersey.  HSX has expanded beyond a transactional database utilized for patient treatment and care coordination to a data source that allows HSX member hospitals, providers, accountable care organizations, and health plans, as well as public health authorities, to have a better understanding of the clinical and social-determinant characteristics of the patients and community they serve.  This database –– expanding steadily in depth of information, kinds of data, and geographic coverage –– now supports HSX’s GRID (Gather Report Identify Determine) portal, a dashboard developed to deliver population health analytics and reporting.  This tool can support public health surveillance activities, community health needs assessments, and evaluation of market utilization and readmission trends, as well as other population-health-related endeavors. 


The GRID is a model tool that demonstrates the value of participation in health information exchange for purposes beyond treatment –– and to broader improvement in health and healthcare.  This case study of an online member-accessible population health portal highlights the importance to public health endeavors of sharing healthcare data in combination with social determinant data through regional, nonprofit HIEs.  The presentation will include a brief demonstration of the GRID Population Health dashboard, to illustrate a number of actual Philadelphia-region case studies, including: opioid-related care and hot spots, influenza predictions, and emergency-department utilization linked to social determinants.  These use cases will show how data can help drive provider, payer, and government initiatives in population health.  

For more information, visit: https://populationhealthcolloquium.com