B.PHL Innovation Festival 10/16


The new frontier for health information exchange in the Philadelphia region is support for applications and other solutions launched to help consumers and medical providers manage health better, one patient at a time.  Building on HSX’s expansive clinical data repository, the new HSX MarketStreet (HSXMS) platform accelerates new ideas and initiatives past obstacles that hinder health-information access.  From founding board member Richard Snyder, MD, learn why Independence was a key force in launching HealthShare Exchange and, from HSX president Martin Lupinetti, learn about the services HSX has now rolled out to a growing geographic area.  From HSX’s innovation lead, Rakesh Mathew, find out about your innovation opportunities through the new HSXMS subsidiary.

To learn more about this event, go to: http://bphlfest.com/event/the-power-of-patient-information/