The Consumer Health-Data-Exchange Hackathon

Hackathon participants are challenged to utilize the exposed APIs to develop a solution that enhances patient care through the exchange of the patient’s clinical data. Participants are encouraged to be creative with their solutions, and can incorporate integrations with existing patient care platforms.  Solutions can include patient facing, provider involved, or payer-based functionality, but must involve the exchange of a patient’s clinical data. Solutions will be judged by industry experts on a number of topics, including usability, creativity, implementation feasibility, and market value.  

For the hackathon, HSX Market Street will open its APIs to the hackers as a pathway to innovation. This will make available to the hackers an invaluable resource: a vast database of (de-identified) patient data representative of the health status of millions across the Greater Philadelphia/Delaware Valley region. Hackathon participants will use this data and the APIs to create tools to increase patient access to their information, and empower consumers to improve their health and care management. 

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