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In an effort to enhance collaboration across all transitions of care, HealthShare Exchange (HSX) is working with Home Health organizations to provide a comprehensive view of data for patients who are transitioning to and from different care settings. Valuable time can be lost in these settings trying to gather information on a patient from multiple sources. By participating with HSX, home health organizations have the opportunity to not only see patient information, but also communicate with providers and hospitals to better coordinate care. 

Service Descriptions 
  1. Direct Secure Messaging (DIRECT)/ Provider Directory (PD)
    • Point-to-point exchange of clinical information between providers using the national Direct Project standards — included, but not limited to, sending of continuity of care (C-CDA) documents with discharge information and referrals for transitions of care. HSX can offer direct addresses to providers and organizations as needed.
    • The HSX PD contains more than 10,000 direct addresses for healthcare providers who actively participate with HSX for direct messaging; interoperability testing is completed before providers’ direct addresses are added to the PD to ensure practices can engage with Direct in a meaningful way.
  2. Clinical Data Repository
    • Collects and retains medical-records data about patients, permitting a patient’s provider and/or care-team members to query for clinical information.
    • Authorized users from home health organization have the opportunity to access the CDR through the HSX query portal or through integration with an electronic health record (EHR) for their clients.
    • Clinical Data Repository (CDR) Overview
  3. Encounter Notification Service (ENS)
    • Home Health organizations can subscribe to panels of clients and receive timely notifications when their clients are hospitalized or present to an emergency department and then are subsequently discharged.
    • Admission, discharge, transfer (ADT) feeds from more than 50 member facilities in the region support ENS today. 
    • Encounter Notification Service (ENS) Overview

By participating with HSX, home health care organizations can:

  • Receive notifications when patients are admitted or discharged from a HSX member hospital 

To learn more download our Home Health Fact Sheet.

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