HealthShare Exchange (HSX) has opened its data repository to application developers with HSX MarketStreet.

HSX has recent and longitudinal medical information on more than seven million people in its Greater Philadelphia/Delaware Valley service region, and it accumulates and expands this database daily.  HSX’s Clinical Data Repository is the only place where this information is centralized and persisted from nearly all of the region’s hospital/health systems, and from insurers, practices, other provider organizations. HSX MarketStreet is a new and invaluable resource for innovators and companies that want to take advantage of healthcare data for consumer interfaces or applications that can help a variety of enterprises serve consumers better.

HSX marketstreet logo

HSX’s Innovation, Research, and Development arm developed MarketStreet as a type of market place, based on HSX’s unique data assets.  This new platform responds to entrepreneurial/consumer-based opportunities to expose health information (securely and with any needed consents) in order to realize greater value, convenience, and well-being for each individual.

MarketStreet seeks to overcome challenges to data-based healthcare innovations including:

  • The investment needed for set-up/ramp-up of health-data business projects and enterprises
  • Siloed data and innovation efforts
  • The cost of generating or accessing broad respositories of individual health data
  • The lack of legal framework to support broader use of healthcare data
  • Barriers to connectivity and interoperability

Marketstreet view graphic


MarketStreet offers an established platform to push through these blockers — empowering consumers and the entities that serve them. MarketStreet will:

  • Create a networked ecosystem orchestrated by HSX and based on regional health information exchange data
  • Build its partner-base to achieve data-empowered consumers and data-rich firms
  • Use technology to develop superior customer experience and human experience (CX/HX) outcomes and eventually expand to national markets by bringing other HIE data and health information technology assets to the MarketStreet platform.


HSX MarketStreet is health-information-exchange data made both collaborative and competitive.

Examples of areas where HSX MarketStreet can provide the data power for services and products are:

  • Wellness applications
  • Home-based remote patient monitoring
  • Post-acute care
  • Patient-centric access to data
  • Appointments / referral / prior authorization
  • Medical transportation
  • Predictive analytics
  • Telehealth

Developers who have an idea for how to use MarketStreet data can request access to the test sandbox and have the opportunity to take your HSX MarketStreet-integrated platform to market!

Learn more and explore the MarketStreet website!