HSX Board and Staff

All taxonomy terms: Leadership Staff, Staff Member

President and CEO
Senior Vice President, Chief Operating Officer, Privacy Officer
Chief Technology Officer &
Chief Information Security Officer
Director, Data Analytics and Quality

All taxonomy terms: Board Member

Immediate Past Chair
Consumer Trustee
Chair and Treasurer

All taxonomy terms: Regular Staff, Staff Member

Information Systems Support Analyst
Chief Medical Information Officer (CMIO), Advisor
Security Analyst
Manager – Member Services
National Interoperability Standards Advisor
Senior Integration Engineer
Fellow, Drexel
Health IT, HITRUST Security Advisor
Program Manager – ADA Quality Health Programs
Member Services and Recruiting
Senior Software Engineer
National Data Scientist, ADA Quality Health Program Advisor
Manager – IT Engineering
Project Manager
Administrative Assistant
Manager - Enterprise Project Office (EPO)
Technical Support Analyst
Operations Manager
Project Manager
Acting Program Manager, MarketStreet
Technical Support Analyst
Project Manager
Project Manager
Human Resources
Software Engineer
Project Manager

All taxonomy terms: Senior Advisor

National Data Privacy Advisor

All taxonomy terms: Committee Member

Health Partners Plan, VP, CISO and Privacy Officer – Privacy and Security Committee Co-Chair