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Want a better healthcare experience?

With care that’s efficient, safer, and better informed?

Tired of having to repeat your health history at every appointment?

Had enough of forms and duplicated tests? 

Wish all your health providers were up to date on your medical information, every time you see them?

HealthShare Exchange makes your healthcare information securely available to your providers, no matter where you seek care.

What is HealthShare Exchange (HSX)?

HSX is the nonprofit organization set up by your hospitals and healthcare insurers to share medical records and make your information available anyplace in the region’s healthcare system where it’s needed for your care.

Number of area patients in
HSX’s Master Patient Index
Total messages exchanged
via HSX through September 2018
Number of practitioners in
the HSX Provider Directory

HSX is important to you if you live in the Greater Philadelphia area, including southeastern Pennsylvania and southern New Jersey

What should you do?


HSX is your health information exchange for the Delaware Valley.  Be part of it!