Expanding Business Lines, Participation, and Awareness

Important news from HSX from the first quarter of 2019:

HIE Updates —

Presenting Across the Industry
Major meetings continue to seek HSX leadership to explain the benefits and services of health information exchange –– and of HSX’s newer broader roles as a health data aggregator driving innovation and population health.  In early 2019:

  • HSX President Martin Lupinetti presented on the world’s largest health information technology stage — HIMSS19.  He and Sue Daugherty, RD, LDN, CEO of MANNA (the well-known Philadelphia-based Metropolitan Area Neighborhood Nutrition Alliance), demonstrated how HIE data can enhance food security for the needy homebound chronically ill — a pioneering collaboration between a regional health information exchange and a nonmedical healthcare-related community organization. (see photo, top)
  • At the Digital Health Summit, organized by PACT (the Philadelphia Alliance for Capital and Technologies), HSX’s Rakesh Mathew shared news of the HSX MarketStreet platform, now available for overcoming hurdles to new health-data-based products & services.
  • At the national 2019 Population Heath Colloquium, HSX’s Pam Clarke and Harm Scherpbier presented on the power of health information exchange for population health reporting.
  • HSX’s Pam Clarke also presented at the Spring Institute of the Metropolitan Philadelphia Chapter of the HFMA (Healthcare Financial Management Association).

Tech Week Panel Will Intro You to
Health Data Access

Are you experiencing barriers or bumps in accessing healthcare data for your innovative service or product? Sign up now for HealthShare Exchange’s free panel presentation at Philly Tech Week: HSX MarketStreet: A Solution for Healthcare Innovation Challenges.  HSX is opening its APIs (application programming interfaces) for trial access to developers.  Learn about participation in the Dataline Program and hear from leaders in regional interoperability/interconnectivity, healthcare improvement / population health, and technology start-ups.

Friday, May 10, 2019, 2:30 PM EDT
Learn more and register.  #PTW19 @PhillyTechWeek

Grab Your Team and Jump into the
HSX MarketStreet Hackathon

It’s on and you’re invited!  HSX’s second annual Hackathon, presented in partnership with the hea!thcare innovation’s Philadelphia Health IT Summit, May 31, 2019 – June 4, 2019. Health-data innovators and coders get an opportunity to compete and build with HSX Market Street APIs, supported by HSX’s clinical repository of patient information. The event will offer prizes, recognition, and break-throughs.  Send your team.
This year’s theme: consumer consent and authentication module.
Learn more and register.

Profile: HSX Fellowship Program & Senior Fellow
HSX continues to generate mutual support from its successful fellowship program, a paid position than offers an exceptional opportunity in health information technology/exchange and a chance to play a key role on the HSX team. Fellowship participants gain one to two years of broad involvement with a range of workstreams — from implementation and design to promotion and recruitment — all related to HIE services, innovation, and population health.  In the program, fellows help to drive program development, and advance the organization’s growth and goals.

“The HSX Fellowship program is a truly unique experience, allowing personalized professional growth in an unparalleled fashion,” says, Karla Geisse, Senior Fellow – Program Management.  “I have actively contributed by leading, managing, and implementing projects and initiatives —while developing and honing a varied interdisciplinary skillset.”

Among other major accomplishments during her tenure, Karla has played a significant part in:

  • establishing use cases for HSX’s Population Health Program;
  • rolling out strategy, design, and promotion of HSX Market Street (HSXMS);
  • and procurement of i6 Challenge funding (see below.)

More generally, Karla leads and collaborates with cross-functional project teams, working with both internal and external business partners, and developing approved uses of HSX data, as well as policies and proofs of concept. Karla and HSX fellows Elizabeth Scoles and Rachel Bard continue to be at the forefront of launching and supporting new initiatives within the organization.

This fall, Karla will matriculate at Marian University’s College of Osteopathic Medicine. “My time at HSX has diversified my strengths, so that I’m now prepared to be an involved leader within the medical community in addition to delivering clinical care. I am very grateful to have had this dynamic exposure and mentorship from HSX and the HSX community.  I have had the privilege of receiving valuable insight from leaders and innovators in the field, unattainable anywhere else. I’m looking forward to what the future holds!”

HSX Takes its Message to
the Roads and the Airwaves

HealthShare Exchange expanded its general-and-consumer awareness efforts this year with radio ads and signs.  You may have heard our spots on WXPN and WHYY, or seen our billboards approaching Philadelphia.  The general public — and, of course, the healthcare field — should know about its regional health information exchange and the ways that the exchange is improving quality, efficiency, and outcomes.  Consumers and medical staff should support use of the exchange by their providers and health plans.  HSX’s ads encourage listeners and viewers to learn more and check to see if their doctors or insurers participate, with an invitation to visit our splash page at hsx.health.

Working Toward PIP and
Enabling Follow-Up — with ACTF

HSX members that are live with HSX’s Automated Care Team Finder (ACTF) are taking advantage of the service as an additional way to meet the requirements of the Promoting Interoperability Program (PIP, previously known as Meaningful Use) promulgated by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS).  Using the HSX service, these HSX-participating entities have an automated tool for pushing discharge summaries to their patients’ primary care providers, for the important step of facilitating continuity of care and any needed follow-up after facility discharge. Current provider participants in HSX’s ACTF service are: Jefferson Torresdale, Bucks, and Frankford Hospitals; Crozer-Keystone Health System; Doylestown Hospital; Einstein Healthcare Network; and Rothman Orthopedic Specialty Hospital.

Princeton Health Follows Parent Penn
to HSX Messaging

HealthShare Exchange is now acting as the HISP (health information service provider) for Penn Medicine Princeton Health, for its locations in New Jersey.  In this role, HSX has established Direct secure messaging for Princeton Health.  On the strength of its Direct Trust certification, HSX provides Princeton with secure routing of clinical information to providers’ direct addresses using the national Direct Project standards — an email-based protocol for confidential transmission of patient health information between trusted entities.  Direct messaging includes the capability to send Clinical Document Architecture (CDA) documents with discharge information and referrals for transitions of care.

Follow Us: to Bigger and Better Digs
In June, HSX moves to the American College of Physicians building in the Independence Mall / Franklin Square section of Philadelphia. The move accommodates HSX’s growth in services and innovation, with new space for even better collaboration and continued expansion of the value that the organization delivers to the region.
Our new address, starting this summer:
190 N. Independence Mall West
Suite 701
Philadelphia, PA 19106


Innovation Updates —

HealthShare Exchange’s Innovation, Research and Development business line is extending the use of the region’s health-information-exchange data to entrepreneurial entities that could eventually partner with HSX members to support their respective missions.  HSX MarketStreet (HSXMS) is the platform upon which developers can advance new services and products in this way.

HSXMS’s seeks to increase personal and healthcare use of patient health information, and expand patient access to, and benefits from, their own health records. HSXMS:

  • increases value to HSX members as another HSX community asset;
  • is now a wholly owned subsidiary of HSX (with HSX remaining a non-profit 501c3);
  • aligns with and supports federal programs and the new proposed “Interoperability and Patient Access Proposed Rule”;
  • contributes to the longer-term financial sustainability of HealthShare Exchange.

With creation of this new arm of HealthShare Exchange, HSX’s board of trustees will next establish governance and legal structure of HSXMS, among other steps for fully launching this business entity.

HSX MarketStreet’s recent grant from the U.S. Economic Development Agency (EDA), through which HSXMS will support health-data start-ups, illustrates these shared goals: the EDA’s  i6 Challenge funding is a component of the agency’s Regional Innovations Strategies, a catalytic national program focused on economic capacity building.  The grant will help HSX’s MarketStreet platform facilitate data transfer/access for companies and entrepreneurs to drive new products and services meant to improve health and healthcare, assist new business entities, and create jobs.

This $1.5M in total funding comes with workforce-development goals for the region.  The award builds capacity to translate innovations into jobs through proof-of-concept and commercialization assistance.

HSX MarketStreet overcomes connectivity and interoperability barriers for data-based healthcare innovations by providing connectivity to an established clinical-data infrastructure. Innovators get real and virtual workspace in which to test solutions.

Population Health updates —

HSX Population Health Program “CIC-STARTS” its
Efforts to Share Data to Improve Health

Data Across Sectors for Health (DASH), a national program of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, has selected the HSX Population Health Program to participate in a new initiative called CIC-START (Community Impact Contracts – Strategic, Timely, Actionable, Replicable, Targeted).  DASH CIC-START aims to accelerate progress towards developing precise, data-driven public health initiatives that are more effective at reducing health  disparities by giving local collaborations the momentum they need to take their data-sharing efforts to the next level.

HealthShare Exchange is part of a cohort of sixteen other CIC-START awardees that will each receive $25,000 to execute a project over a period of six months that builds their capacity to share and use multi-sector data to improve community health.  With inpatient and emergency visit encounter data from Mercy Health System, HSX will identify and connect uninsured and underinsured older adults in southeastern Pennsylvania with the appropriate community assistance programs, through its collaboration with the Pennsylvania Department of Aging’s Pharmaceutical Assistance Contract for the Elderly (PACE) Program and through Benefits Data Trust (BD Trust). The encounter data will provide demographic information for patients that had a recent visit to one of Mercy Health System’s hospitals, and BD Trust will use this information to help determine eligibility and referral for PACE and other social service programs such as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program and Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program.