At Fifth Annual HSX Offsite Event: Renewed Leadership on the Board, Exploration of HIE in Behavioral Health and Population Health, and, of Course, Applause for this Year’s HIE Champions

Yearly, this retreat reviews:

  • the status of the exchange
  • new uses of this community resource
  • and acknowledgement of key contributors to the past year’s progress.

As annually, the program included attendess who are either making use of HSX data or planning to, or who are making advances in related areas.  A lunchtime ceremony honored HIE Champions who contributed to progress in the Delaware Valley region’s HIE through work at their own organizations.

The day began with an executive session of the board, at which trustees recognized the ongoing and outstanding leadership of Martin Lupinetti by promoting his title from Executive Director to President of the organization.  (Congratulations, Marty!)  In nominating business, Elaine Markezin, Jonathan Sternlieb, MD, and Michael Restuccia stepped down from their board seats.  Fellow trustees and staff gratefully recognized their service, recognizing it with gifts for each.  Andrea Gelzer, MD, assumed the chairmanship of the board, with Richard Snyder, MD, stepping down as interim chair.  Board treasurer Neil Lubarsky and board member Ken Levitan accepted the offices of vice chair and secretary, respectively.

HSX staff members Daniel Wilt and Nathan Hecker gave board members an update on the HSX Security Program, and HSX staff members Martin Lupinetti and Rakesh Mathew presented on HSX’s Market Street initiative.  Chairs of committees covering finance, privacy, clinical matters, technology, and implementation provided updates to the group.

After conclusion of the board meeting, the general session of the offsite commenced, concluding the morning with a presentation on exchange of patient behavioral health information — the regulations around such matters and the role HIEs in such exchange — by Toria Thompson, principal at Organizational Patterns.  Toria described her advisory/consulting role and experiences with other HIEs in this space, including in Colorado.

Over a luncheon, the HSX staff presented this year’s HIE Champions awards.  Individuals and teams that had distinguished themselves in advancing health information exchange at HSX member organizations were cited for their contributions.  Learn about the 2017 awardees and see photos of the presentations.

Following lunch, the program turned to a panel presentation on population health as relates to HIE data.  Pam Clarke, HSX Senior Director of Member Services and Chief Policy Officer, moderated the panel, leading off with an overview of new HSX activities aimed at population health tracking, analysis, and management.  Panelist and former HSX board member, Jim Buehler, MD, reviewed the proceedings of the HSX’s Population Health Workgroup and a paper that members of the group are now submitting about the group’s initial deliberations to Population Health Matters, the quarterly newsletter of the Jefferson College of Population Health.  Nathan Hecker, HSX Technical Operations Lead, discussed data extraction and analysis approaches needed to support population health.  Susan Choi, PhD, looked at summary behavioral challenges for Montgomery County, Pa., based on analysis of data from HSX.  Finally, HSX intern Karla Geisse presented her population health graduate capstone project, “A Retrospective Cross-Sectional Analysis of the Asian Population in Philadelphia: New Insights for Community Health Needs Assessment.”

Special guest speaker Neil Gomes dropped into the meeting for brief remarks to the audience on the nexus of healthcare systems and health information exchanges in healthcare innovation.  Gomes is the Chief Digital Information Officer and a Senior Vice President at Jefferson Health, an important HSX partner.

The staff then provided a year-in-review Prezi presentation, showing the monthly building blocks of 2017 HIE progress and achievements by HSX and its membership.

The day concluded with a presentation to all attendees by Martin Lupinetti and Rakesh Mathew on HSX’s Market Street initiative, which is designed to enable access to consolidated or discrete health data of consumers across the region for a variety of commercial, academic, and healthcare-related applications.

See below for presentation slide decks:

Toria Thompson

Jim Buehler, MD

Nathan Hecker

Susan Choi, PhD

Karla Geisse