HealthShare Exchange Provides HSX Overview at Hahnemann Medical Staff Reception

HSX reviewed its mission, activities, and plans with the physician staff of Hahnemann University Hospital at an evening dinner meeting at Hahnemann on July 30, 2014.  With enthusiastic support and introduction from Hahnemann’s Physician Liaison, Thompson Boyd, MD, the HSX staff outlined for the physician audience the progress and promise of HSX.

The medical-staff audience included physicians leading key clinical services at Hahnemann, who attended to learn more about how their regional health information exchange would enhance the quality of care they can provide and improve the patient experience while helping to control costs.  The group proved an attentive and informed audience for summaries of HSX’s exchange milestones, financial sustainability strategy, and initial use cases.

Questions from the attending doctors and other staff pertained to the integration of exchange information in the clinical information workflow environment, the anticipated opt-out procedures for patients, and the sequencing of benefits for both hospital and downstream providers (such as primary care physicians).  Assuring continuity of care and optimal care transitions to both higher and lower levels of care became an important focus of group discussion during the evening.

HSX looks forward to the meeting functioning as a kick-off for an extensive phase of engagement with, and adoption of, exchange information in Hahnemann healthcare services.