HSX Featured in Two Top-Level Presentations in April

Marty Lupinetti, HSX Executive Director, presented at the Institute for Health Technology Transformation (IHT2) 2016 Health IT Summit in Cleveland, Ohio, striking a new note for the importance of “small data.”  Sharing the stage with, Katherine Schneider, MD, MPhil., FAAFP, President and CEO, Delaware Valley Accountable Care Organization (DVACO), Marty gave an overview of the HSX’s role, accomplishments, and plans.  In the era of big data, the co-presenters emphasized the importance of the “last ten feet” of data sharing, where essential clinical information about an individual reaches the provider who needs it.

In their case study, “Achieving speed to value in an ACO leveraging regional HIE data in a highly fragmented healthcare market,” the co-presenters discussed the sprawling nature of their regional healthcare market and its traditional lack of interconnection in terms of electronic patient information.  They illustrated how care-management entities, including accountable care organizations such as DVACO, are collaborating to rapidly enhance care through sharing meaningful and valuable data in a timely manner for major improvements in coordination, transitions in care, and much more.

Richard Snyder, vice chair of HSX’s board and Daniel Wilt, Senior Director of Information Technology and Chief Information Security Officer, at HSX, served as panelists at the recent Philadelphia Health IT Circle (PHITC) event on population health data at Thomas Jefferson University.  At the evening gathering, themed “Differentiating Signal from Noise – Data Challenges in Population Health,” Daniel reviewed the special value for these challenges of a health information exchange such as HSX, which is designed and built with the involvement of insurers — and thus provides enhanced value to providers at the point of care.

Dr. Snyder, who was instrumental in the formation of HSX, reviewed the value that both health plans and clinicians receive from health information exchanges in managing disease and patient groups.  Phil Treiman, MD, a family physician at Central Bucks Family Practice — a participating organization with HSX partner/member Tandigm Health — attested to the importance of real-time patient information in taking control of quality and costs with populations of patients who are high drivers of health expenditures.  Daniel also described the enormous population-health value of a regional HIE’s clinical data repository and its potential to drive innovation.

Drew Harris, DPM, MPH, Program Director, Population Health and Health Policy at Jefferson, moderated the panel.  Jefferson’s College of Population Health is the first college of its kind in the country.  It’s affiliated health system is HSX member Jefferson Health, the largest health system in the Delaware Valley