HSX Impresses with Unique Demo on World’s Biggest Health IT Stage

“On the Road to Cancer Care 2020” introduced a patient case scenario in which a young woman failed to receive the connected care she needed to beat a cancer diagnosis in 2016.  The demo then showed how more-rigorous clinical information exchange in the near future could save this patient’s life by allowing her access the latest in treatment options.

For this leading-edge demonstration of health information exchange, HealthShare Exchange partnered with Mirth, CloudMine, NEXTGEN Healthcare, Penn Medicine, Epic, Endosoft, Nanthealth, Independence Blue Cross, Comcast, and Aria-Jefferson health.  HSX organized and designed the demo, which was one of the best-attended and most enthusiastically received showcase presentation at HIMSS, which this year in Orlando, Fla. had a meeting attendance of more than 40,000.

At a critical juncture of the 2020 version of the story, the patient’s unrelated emergency department visit resulted in her interaction with emergency department personnel who were connected to their regional health information exchange in such a way that allowed them to see the patient’s recent cancer diagnosis and refer her to their health system’s precision medicine center.  The ensuing genetic analysis and personalized immunotherapy saved her life.

Read the intro monologue.

Read the demo script.

Read the demo tech storyboard.

See this video of the core story narration.

See this motion-story depiction of the demo.