HSX MarketStreet Hackathon a Growing Success in its Second Year, Drives Innovative Concepts and Produces a Winner for Dataline Access

The top three winners of the summit received cash prizes and the winning team was given the opportunity to take their solutions to the MarketStreet platform.  Hackers were able to register as a team or as individuals.

Read about the days’ events:

5/31/2019: Kick off meeting

2:00 pm  Registration

3:00 pm  Networking reception with light refreshments

  • Rakesh Mathew, HSX’s Chief Innovation Officer, kicked off the event at the American College of Physicians Building.  Hackers checked in and were given a bag of MarketStreet swag, a schedule of events, and a scorecard for the event.

4:00 pm Welcome/hack theme/judging criteria presentation/consent and authentication overview

  • John Donnelly, HSX’s Domains, Standards, and Interoperability Specialist, gave individual hackers the opportunity to form teams if they wanted.  Some hackers registered as individuals.
  • Rakesh gave the hackers an overview of HSX MarketStreet and explained the rules of the hackathon.
  • Hackers were given a demonstration of the new consent and authentication module by Arthur Spector, HSX Software Engineer & Solution Architect, and Michael Shoemaker, HSX Software Engineer & Product Owner.  If hackers chose to use this module within their solution, they were given 10 bonus points.
  • Hackers requested access to the Sandbox to get started!  Throughout the event, HSX was able to create specific patients within the sandbox that had clinical information that was customizable to meet their needs.

5:00 pm        Pitch brainstorming

6:00  pm       Dinner

6:30pm         Tech Q&A

7:00 pm        Hack 

  • Hackers were provided food and snacks and were given the ability to stay within the space until 11 pm!

11:00pm      Venue closes


6/1/2019 – 6/2/2019

  • A special Slack space was created so hackers would have the opportunity to reach the HSX systems engineers if there were any questions, concerns, or problems.  The channel was busy all weekend with hackers requesting clinical information added to their patients, and asking for guidance on the consent and authentication module and more.



8:00am         Breakfast

9:00am         Hack

  • Hackers came in the morning at their leisure to continue hacking for the day!  Throughout the time, HSX offered special sessions where they were able to ask clarification questions of the HSX engineers.
  • The emcee for the event, Sana Imam, was able to speak on the main stage of the HIT Summit and give event attendees the opportunity to learn a little about the hackers and the hackathon!  They were all invited to come over and check out the potential solutions at any time.

11:00am      Tech clarification Q&A and hacker check-in

12:30pm      Lunch

2:00pm         Hack

  • In the afternoon, hackers were given the opportunity to give a two-minute speech on their ideas on the main stage of the summit.

3:00 pm        Light refreshments

  • HIT Summit attendees inquired about the HSX MarketStreet business venture and hacker solutions.

4:45 pm        HSX team members speak at Health IT Summit

5:00pm         Networking reception with Health IT Summit

  • Hackers were able to join the networking reception of the summit to take a break from hacking and mingle with guests!

6:00pm         Dinner

7:00pm         Hack

  • Hackers were invited and took advantage of the space until 11 pm!

11:00pm      Venue closes



8:00 am        Breakfast, final preparations for presentations

  • Hackers came in and provided their slides for their presentations.

9:30 am        Hack submission deadline

10:00am      Team presentations in hackathon room

  • Hackers were given roughly 10 minutes to present their solutions in front of the judges, including a demonstration if they wanted.
  • All teams presented their solutions and judges were given the opportunity to ask any questions.
    • Rare Disease – Team SalvareX worked on a patient-facing app using artificial intelligence to match patients who have rare diseases to relevant clinical trials, from which they could benefit or with which they could share their data.  Patients would take more control of their data and own it, deciding when and where to share it, in some cases monetizing its value when they give trials access to it.
    • Healthy For Me.  A team from Einstein Healthcare Network designed this app to use HSX patient data to push information to patients who want to eat more healthfully.  The solution would help them gain access to nearby groups and organizations that provide cost-friendly food and nutritional services.  It would also incorporate information on allergies or food sensitives to make sure that each individual is eating appropriately.
    • Intake. This application would use Alexa to do patient intake for patients and use machine learning to take the data from the intake and the medical history to create a discharge plan to be approved by a physician.
    • Painless.  Created by a group of individuals that formed a team at registration,  the Painless app is intended to help patients monitor and track their own pain levels, and submit this data back to the clinical data repository.  It incorporates their medical history and a record of medication use, with metrics analysis, in order to help patients work towards and manage a livable level of pain.

11:30 am     Judges deliberate on top 3 solutions

  • The judges were asked to announce the winners of the hackathon on the main stage of the HIT Summit!

12:00 pm     Presentation of winners/prizes on the Health IT Summit stage

  • Team Painless and runners-up enjoyed their awards.
    • 1st place: Painless.  $3000 and pilot opportunity on HSX MarketStreet
    • 2nd place: Rare Disease.   $2000
    • 3rd place: Healthy for Me.  $1000

12:30 pm     Lunch

2:00 pm        Venue closes


View the hackathon’s introductory slides.


View the presentation slides from Team Painless


Over this year, MarketStreet will continue a series of outreach efforts with the technology, start-up, and healthcare community in order to expand its vendor/product selection volume and evaluate more projects for its pipeline processes.  Its goal will be to bring to market innovations for consumers, and/or the healthcare organizations that serve them, to help all beneficiaries take control of and improve their health.

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