HSX to Play Role in New Health Support for North Philadelphia

State and local government and other organizations are about to lend a bigger hand to the health of sections of Philadelphia in need. Pennsylvania Department of Human Services Secretary Ted Dallas and Pennsylvania Department of Education Secretary Pedro Rivera joined Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney, hospital executives, legislators, and other stakeholders to kick off the joint Health Enterprise Zone (HEZ).  In a major press conference, widely covered by the media, they discussed new and innovative community-based approaches to improving the health of populations in North Philadelphia.


Thank you to Sec. Dallas for repeatedly calling out the importance of the data support that HealthShare Exchange will provide to various entities participating in the HEZ.

HEZ will conduct a “gap analysis” of the strengths and weaknesses of current healthcare in various zip codes in these neighborhoods and make up to $1.5 million available to improve access to higher quality healthcare. The program will identify individuals with the most complex needs who use healthcare the most and will seek to coordinate their care better.  And, it will work to improve employment opportunities, as a key driver of the health of individuals and the places where they live.  HSX will provide critical healthcare data to hospital/health systems, ambulatory practices, and other organizations involved in the initiative.

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