HSX Update: HSX Members Giving and Getting More Patient Information on the Exchange

This month, more members forged new ground in their use of the Delaware Valley’s health information exchange:
  • Doylestown First Member to Tap CDR!
    Doylestown Health has become the first HSX member to connect to HSX’s Clinical Data Repository (CDR).  This database collects and retains medical-records data about patients served by HSX membership, permitting a patient’s provider or care team to query the exchange for recent clinical information on the individual, for treatment purposes. Doylestown Health went live with use of HSX’s CDR last month.  A patient admission to the Doylestown Hospital now automatically generates a query to the CDR, which returns the patient’s recent medical history.  This document is added to the patient’s record, and is available in the provider’s workflow interface, in Doylestown Health’s electronic health record system.
  • ADT Feeds Build from Additional Members
    Mercy Health System, Hahnemann University Hospital, and St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children are all now providing patient admission, discharge, and transfer data to HealthShare Exchange. Their admission-discharge-transfer (ADT) feeds will soon be included and available in HSX’sEncounter Notification Service.  In the meantime, the information contributes to HSX’s Clinical Data Repository.  Congratulations to these members for going live with ADTs!
  • Extra!  This just in: HealthShare Exchange profiled and featured in thePhiladelphia Business Journal.  Well-known healthcare reporter John George reviewed recent developments at HSX and met with clinician users of exchange information to get their personal experiences and patient stories.