New Website Launch: Now Available Exclusively to All HSX Participants

HealthShare Exchange recently launched a website specifically designed for its members and participants.  Users can track HSX progress, gain access to service materials, and participate in the Member Forum.

After a soft launch with select HSX committees and workgroups this summer, the site is now available to staff at all HSX member organizations. features:

    • an indicator board for up-to-the-minute operational status of HSX services with quick-look icons
    • at-a-glance infographics with the latest metrics about HSX service adoption
    • the Member Forum for questions, suggestions, observations, concerns, trouble shooting, and use innovations –– for sharing with fellow members and HSX staff


  • summaries of HSX services with graphic representations of progress with service expansion and helpful links.

HealthShare Exchange strongly encourages staff members at HSX-participating organizations to take advantage of this resource and make it a community tool.  Please give us your feedback.