Packed House for HSX MarketStreet at City-Wide B.PHL Innovation Festival

Interest continues to ripple in from HSX’s big presentation at Philadelphia’s newest citywide innovation festival — the B.PHL fest.  This varied, multi-venue event, held in October, highlights bright ideas in healthcare technology and the arts.

In a presentation entitled, The Power of Patient Information, delivered in the Pitch Room of the modern new, two-story Center for Innovation in the headquarters building of Indepence Blue Cross (1901 Market St, Philadelphia, Pa.), HealthShare Exchange (HSX) addressed the question: What happens when you make information on the health and healthcare of 10 million+ people in the Delaware Valley region available (in a permitted way) to entrepreneurs and start-ups?

Answer: New applications and solutions benefit patients, healthcare providers, and everyone.

Health information exchange means sharing and pooling patient health data, so that health teams are always up to date and records are available wherever patients seek care.  But it also permits data aggregation that has set the stage for HSX to launch its new MarketStreet™ offering.  The platform serves to jumpstart businesses and innovators past the legal and access obstacles that prevent them from taking advantage of, and contributing to, health and health-record data.

Before a standing-room only audience, HSX teamed with Independence to show how health information exchange will drive healthcare innovation for start-ups & entrepreneurs.  Attendees learned about the power of Market Street — the Delaware Valley’s new data facilitator that can drive innovative ideas.

“What this does is increase speed to market and bring costs way down for new ventures that run on, and often feedback, patient healthcare information,” said Marty Lupinetti, HSX’s president.  “This creates a great opportunity for this region.”

“And this doesn’t just benefit health providers and payer plans but includes new ways to empower patients and consumers,” said Richard Snyder, MD, Executive Vice President, Chief Medical Officer, and Clinical Care Transformation Officer, at Independence Blue Cross.  Dr. Snyder cited examples areas where the MarketStreet platform can serve patients in coordination with their providers and health plans.

The session generated so much interest that time limited the question and answer period, but attendees were encouraged to learn more about the MarketStreet process at

Also at the B.PHL festival, Brian Wells, HSX’s Chief Technology Officer & Chief Information Security Officer, moderated a panel of experts from industry, academia, and health plans, that discussed connecting care & engaging patients to achieve superior outcomes — linking consumers and all dimensions of care. In another glimpse of the future of medicine, held at the University City Science Center (3675 Market St, Philadelphia, Pa.), the panel discussed emerging technologies that are making it possible to continuously monitor patients’ mental wellness. The panelists were:

  • Muge Capan, Ph.D., Associate Clinical Professor of Decision Sciences and Management Information Systems at LeBow College of Business at Drexel University
  • Ashley Masterson, Director of Medical Cost Analytics at Independence Blue Cross
  • Julia Kastner, Senior Director of Product at NeuroFlow

In this session, titled “Bringing Data to Doctors,” these executives at a growing tech startup, established health insurer, and healthcare research institution shared lessons learned in bridging the gap between data insights and improved outcomes.

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