ProVantaCare Launches eAccess™ Physical Health and Analytics Resource

HARRISBURG – September 20, 2022 – ProVantaCare has announced the official launch of eAccessTM, a groundbreaking platform to assist health and human services providers with obtaining and analyzing physical health data. This platform was developed in collaboration with HealthShare Exchange (HSX) and E-System, offering a competitive advantage to ProVantaCare subscribers. ProVantaCare brings an established relationship with the E-System analytics platform and recently joined HSX, one of the largest and most progressive health information exchanges (HIEs) in the country and currently statewide in Pennsylvania, which facilitate complete physical health data sharing, to advance whole-person care and support value-based care across the healthcare industry.

“ProVantaCare eAccessTM responds to the growing trends of whole-person care. Our network of providers will have visibility to information not readily available in the human services arena,” said Fady Sahhar, President/CEO of ProVantaCare. “This service truly delivers on our promise of expanding access and enhancing outcomes.” This was also supported by Martin Lupinetti, President/CEO of HealthShare Exchange, who stated, “Our partnership with ProVantaCare expands access to essential data that truly demonstrates the valuable impact of human services providers on delivering supports that enhance clients’ overall health and well-being.”

The ProVantaCare eAccessTM platform offers distinct advantages, such as analysis of clinical continuity of care documents (CCDs), emergency and inpatient encounter notifications (ENS), access to two years of retrospective data (by request), and much more. Subscribers will have the ability to retrieve raw, physical health data in “real-time” (ADTs/CCDs) on a secure data platform with an established alerts process, validated Business Associate Agreements (BAAs), readiness for value-based purchasing (VBP) contracting, streamlined contracting, and training on best practices.

“ANR’s eSystems platform is designed to be responsive to the emerging needs of healthcare providers’ ability to support whole-person care by integrating data from a variety of sources,” said Chris Lunn, Acting CEO of Alliance for Nonprofit Resources (ANR). “We are energized by this innovative approach to supporting the community providers we serve.”

ProVantaCare is a network of over 80 leading health and human service providers supporting individuals across the Commonwealth. As a contracting entity, ProVantaCare provides advantages to its provider-owners and delivery of improved care through innovative models that enhance health outcomes and services.

About ProVantaCare

Formed in 2014, ProVantaCare coordinates managed care services for consumers and providers in the fields of behavioral health, drug and alcohol addiction, long-term care services, physical disabilities, and intellectual and developmental disabilities. Over 80 community-based organizations across Pennsylvania serve over 2.5 million consumers and employ more than 50,000 essential healthcare workers. ProVantaCare brings together this network of providers to coordinate and improve the health and well-being of the individuals we support. For more information, visit our website ( or follow us on Facebook and LinkedIn.

About HealthShare Exchange

HealthShare Exchange (HSX) is a nonprofit community-directed organization that gathers and makes electronic patient health information available securely at the point of care throughout the Greater Philadelphia/Delaware Valley area’s healthcare ecosystem. HSX links disparate electronic medical record (EMR) systems of hospitals, health systems and healthcare stakeholders across the continuum of care along with the clinical data of healthcare insurers across all of Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware with national reach. HSX services deliver real-time clinical information to our members, including a patient’s medical history as well as notifications to enable improved outcomes, care coordination and more cost-effective care for over 15 million patients. HSX is a HITRUST certified organization, a PA P3N certified Health Information Organization (HIO), a State of NJ Trusted Data Sharing Organization (TDSO) and is part of the national eHealth Exchange and has recently been certified by NCQA as a Data Aggregator Validator (DAV) for more trusted and accurate clinical data for quality reporting. For more information, visit or follow us on Twitter (@HealthShareExch) and LinkedIn.

About ANR

Alliance for Nonprofit Resources (ANR) is a nonprofit founded in 2008. The mission of ANR is to provide innovative solutions and services to agencies and governmental entities of all sizes. In 2011, ANR created the product E-System. E-System was developed to replace outdated client management systems. Since its founding, E-System has grown into a cloud-based management system with features including a reporting module, electronic billing, provider management, client eligibility, and much more. The uniqueness of E-System is its ability to be a community or region-based hub of information. Information in E-System can be viewed by providers across different agencies delivering services to the same client. E-System is focused on maintaining the safety and security of its providers and their client’s information.