Seventh Annual HSX Board Luncheon and HIE Champions Event

As the first order of business, HSX’s board of trustees conducted their bi-monthly meeting.  Marty Lupinetti, president of HSX, opened the meeting with a welcome and with discussion of HSX budget and financials.

The meeting continued with

  • a reconstitution of the board, including re-election, addition, and re-rostering of its members and officers
  • a board governance update
  • a discussion of the closure of Hahnemann University Hospital
  •  a round-up the PA eHealth Partnership news, including grants
  • an update on HSX involvement in health information exchange in New Jersey, including on-boarding grants
  • a strategic-planning walkthrough on sustainability and growth (in members and services).

The second part of the gathering was a lunch in the ACP’s Executive Dining Room for board members, HSX staff, and invited guests, during which the 2019 HIE Champion designations were awarded to individuals at HSX member/partner organizations who have contributed to health information exchange through dedicated work with HSX.