Sixth Annual HSX Offsite Meeting Focuses on New Business Areas, Data Security, and 2018 HIE Champions

As the first order of business, HSX’s board of trustees conducted its bi-monthly meeting, designating yearly that this November meeting constitutes the board’s annual meeting as required by the HSX bylaws.  Marty Lupinetti, president of HSX, opened the meeting with a welcome and with discussion of two topics: consent agenda and bylaws update.

Annual committee readouts were provided by the:

• Clinical Advisory Committee

• Finance and Audit Committee

• Innovation Committee

• Opioid Task Force

• Technical Standards Committee

The board approved a new use case, “Consumer’s Right to Direct and Control Transmission of Their Personal Data,” and the policies and procedures needed for it.

Discussion of business operations included further definition and consensus on new business areas and HSX’s broader function as a data aggregator for bi-directional connectivity, as applied to a range of areas including consumer services.  The board also reviewed the approved budget and the themes supported by it.

Staff reviewed HSX’s pending move to new office space at the ACP building.

On behalf the HSX population health team that she leads, Pam Clarke, HSX’s Senior Director of Member Services and Chief Policy Officer, reviewed the HSX pop-health program’s business plan, services, branding, and technologies.  The staff described its role in data aggregation for, and in providing quality/performance reporting portal for, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) Comprehensive Primary Care Plus (CPC+) Program in the Philadelphia region.

On behalf the HSX innovation, research, and development team that he leads, Rakesh Mathew, Chief Innovation Officer & Senior Director of Technology, described HSX’s Market Street platform for provision of regional healthcare data to a host application partners straddling a range of consumer health- and healthcare-related services.  Staff reviewed the latest list of potential partner companies for the initiative’s Dataline program, and outlined the evaluation sequence for participation.

Trustees Visit Demo Stations

During the meeting’s interlude, board members had an opportunity to visit four demonstration stations in the room, each explaining and illustrating a key HSX business area. Staff members provided on-screen examples and updates of HSX’s health information exchange (HIE) activity, its Population Health Program, its innovation/MarketStreet platform, and its role as data aggregator and reporting source for the Medicare CPC+ program.

Trustees had an opportunity to ask questions of each team.  They had a chance to better understand these fast-evolving and quickly expanding business areas, as they also viewed a year-in-review wrap-up slide show presentation of monthly news and milestones for HSX over the past 12 months.

Security Experts Share Insight

In a general session, opened up to all staff and attendees, an experienced panel of HIT security professionals reviewed and discussed the growing risks to data security and how to mitigate them.  In an introduction, Daniel Wilt, HSX’s Senior Director of IT Support and Data Quality, summarized the privacy and security status of HSX, and steps and measures the HIE put into place in this interest in 2018.

The accomplished group of commentators consisted of:

  • Meditology’s Brian Selfridge, who pointed out key security question for boards in 2019;
  • Eisner Ampner’s Lena Licata, who pointed out breach case studies and considerations for vendor risk management;
  • Main Line Health’s John Abella, who pointed out proactive security steps to achieve the important goal of zero malware infections;
  • and Merlin International’s Brian Wells, who pointed out cybersecurity solutions for consumer data and for data from participants in health information exchange.

See security panel discussion slides here.

Champions of the Region’s Health Information Exchange Recognized

During a lunch ceremony, HealthShare Exchange bestowed its annual HIE Champions awards.  Individuals and teams that had distinguished themselves in advancing health information exchange at HSX member organizations were cited and honored for their contributions.  Learn about the 2018 awardees and see photos of the presentations.