The HSX Data Analytics and Quality Program enables use of the region’s aggregated clinical data for population health, public health, quality improvement and patient-authorized research activities. HSX has steadily increased the use of the region’s data to support population-level initiatives, such as:

  • Helping the PA Department of Aging and Benefits Data Trust identify and screen individuals for the PACE discount prescription drug program and 18 other benefits for which they may qualify. (See video below)
  • Facilitating regional quality improvement collaboratives such as the American Diabetes Association’s Know Diabetes by Heart™ initiative with the American Heart Association.
  • Assisting area public health agencies and HSX members with COVID-19 response activities, including case finding, contact tracing and tracking vaccine status.
  • Providing data to the Philadelphia Department of Public Health to support the region’s Community Health Needs Assessment.

Organizations engaged in these services can use HSX data to support:

  • disease or health risk monitoring
  • outbreak investigations
  • performance management
  • population health assessments
  • community health needs assessment (CHNA)
  • population health management
  • prevention services
  • program evaluation
  • public health reporting
  • patient-authorized research

Enjoy this webinar on Connecting Pennsylvania Seniors With Social Service Benefits

Learn about the other activities of HSX’s Data Analytics and Quality Program.

HSX Data Analytics and Quality program policies and procedures:

Participant Population Health

Public Health Authority Population Health

Patient-Authorized Research