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Vicki Freedman, HSX’s former project manager for engagement and adoption, kicked off the awards, thanking attendees and noting that each year HSX recognizes individuals or teams who have gone above and beyond in their participation and support of HSX or HSX MarketStreet. The awardees honored on this day have been advocates of HSX services, and they help to support health data sharing, innovation, utilization, and analysis in the greater Delaware Valley region.

See below for awardee photos and remarks delivered from HSX staff members at the presentation ceremony:


Natasha McClure and Kevin Scott

Harm Scherpbier, HSX’s Advisor on Special Projects:

I would like to introduce as HSX Champions Dr. Kevin Scott and Natasha McClure, from Oak Street Health.  Dr. Scott is a primary care physician in the Cheltenham practice of Oak Street Health, and Natasha McClure is the Director of Population Health, in the Philadelphia region, at Oak Street Health.   

As you may know, Oak Street Health is a Chicago-based organization with practices in several large cities in the U.S., with a unique clinical model, and a unique business model.  They focus on elderly patients, mostly in less affluent areas, in other words dual-eligible patients on Medicare and Medicaid.  For these patients they take on full risk through their Medicaree Advantage contracts.  In the Oak Street practices, they provide these patients with very pro-active, intensive care management, with a team of providers.  The team includes social workers, nurses, behavioral health, community service workers, and physicians.  Their teamwork is completely focused on providing the care in the practice, and to keep the patient out of the ED and out of the hospital.  They use HSX for encounter notification, and to get a complete understanding of the patient before a visit, through the HSX Clinical Data Repository.   Keeping the patients out of the hospital — which of course is better for the patient, and under their all at-risk model better for the practice — is the population health / value-based care model that we’re moving to. 

Kevin and Natasha,  you’re leading the way in providing high-quality, efficient care, to a high-cost high-need population, using the most modern care-team approach, and using HSX as one of your key data sources.  We at HSX are thankful to you and your team, we are looking at you to lead the way in how an HIE can best serve practices like yours.  Congratulations from all of us at HSX on being our HSX Champions!



Martin Entwistle

Rakesh Mathew, HSX’s former Chief Innovation Officer:

Martin is the president and CEO of Ares Health Systems, a company that develops systems to bridge the gap between consumer and clinical health ecosystems by leveraging new technologies and healthcare funding models.  In particular, Ares Health Systems’ MPower platform ingests patient generated device data and performs analysis on the data to be able to provide actionable and meaningful information back to the provider.  This analysis is based on specific goals and ranges for a patient that are determined by the patient’s care team and configured into the platform.  The results of the MPower analysis help to reduce the white noise/data dump that results from sending all device data to a provider.  With the MPower platform, providers know exactly how their patients are trending and progressing towards their goals of managing their chronic conditions.

Martin has been an avid and enthusiastic supporter of MarketStreet since early 2018. Since being introduced to the MarketStreet concept, Martin has worked closely with the team to determine how his product can leverage the platform in order to better serve patients and providers. Martin sat on our MarketStreet panel for Philly Tech Week this past spring, he and his team have participated in our Hackathon series, and his group has developed a detailed use case and proof of concept which has been used to showcase MarketStreet's capabilities at various conferences, events, and HSX committee and board meetings. Most recently, Martin has worked closely with the MarketStreet team as one of our first reviewers of the MarketStreet Partner Agreement, providing his thorough feedback to help us refine the agreement. Over the past year and a half, Martin has been a pleasure to work with at all times, and has been an avid supporter of our MarketStreet efforts, consistently putting in his own time and effort to help us improve, as exemplified by the fact that he flew in from California to attend this luncheon today. We are grateful for our partnership so far and look forward to continuing that partnership going forward.



Kara McAndrews

Meg Getzfread, HSX’s Project Manager, Engagement & Adoption:

Kara McAndrews is a Manager of Practice Transformation at the Delaware Valley Accountable Care Organization. The DVACO is one of the largest ACO's in the region, with a focus on health improvement and coordination of provider participation to increase the quality and personalization of patient care. Kara engaged with HSX to pioneer a project to recruit DVACO member practices to participate with HSX to help meet their 2019 Promoting Interoperability Program Measures. Kara recognized that HSX could help providers with utilizing Direct Secure Messaging within their electronic health record (EHR) and assist them in leveraging the HSX Master Provider Directory. Adding these providers to the HSX membership will allow for increased care coordination among practices and providers that are published in the HSX directory. Kara worked diligently to facilitate a coordinated project effort between the DVACO practice transformation coaches and the HSX Team. This allowed for HSX to have a wider membership outreach and to continue the ongoing relationship with the DVACO and its practice transformation coaches. I am pleased to present this award to Kara in recognition of her ongoing support of HSX.



Neil Claracay and Jack Williams

Rachel Bard, HSX’s Project Manager:

ChenMed provides highly coordinated, quality care to a wide array of patients across the region. ChenMed is utilizing and leveraging HSX’s services to provide informed care to their patient population. ChenMed identified Philadelphia as being an underserved area in primary care and worked to fill this gap, leveraging HSX services to enhance care delivery. In the last year, ChenMed has worked to establish two results-notification feeds with HSX and have expressed interest in expanding their use of services in the near future. ChenMed’s Neil Claracay and Jack Williams were key to these integrations. Both are deserving of an HSX Champions award for 2019, as they are working to enhance their patients’ care through the use of HSX services. Neil and Jack have been wonderful to work with across both project and HSX looks forward to continuing our business relationship!  Jack is based in Florida so we will be sending him his award.



Maribel Valentin

Brian Wells, HSX’s Chief Technology Officer & Chief Information Security Officer:

As senior counsel and corporate compliance & privacy officer, at Temple University Health System, Maribel Valentin is responsible for adherence with federal and state laws, including the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) and the Emergency Medical Treatment and Labor Act (EMTALA.)  She is also responsible for the overall oversight of the compliance program of Temple University Health System and its affiliates (collectively referred to as TUHS). TUHS Affiliates include academic and community hospitals, employed and faculty physician groups, a transport company, and the Temple University schools of medicine, pharmacy, and podiatry.  

Her contributions to HSX include 

  • her tenure as the co-chair of HSX Privacy and Security Workgroup since its inception  
  • her assistance with paving the way for MANNA to become an HSX member
  • her leadership in the automation of the patient opt-out process
  • her work on methods to share data between HSX members. 

Thank you, Maribel, for all of your contributions to HSX’s success.



Thomas Farley, MD

Marty Lupinetti, HSX’s President:  

I would like to introduce to you, as a HSX Champion for 2019, Dr. Thomas Farley.  As you may know, Dr. Farley was on the HSX Board when he first arrived here in Philadelphia as the city health commissioner.   In fact, HSX has had the current sitting health commissioner on our board since our inception.  Due to some City rules regarding risk and conflict of interest, he was required to step a-way from the HSX board and is now a permanent invited guest to the HSX board. 

From our initial meetings and his presence on our board, it was clear that Dr. Farley understood the value of data and had experience already with the power and challenges in leveraging HIEs for that data.  He quickly focused on ways HSX services could offer value to the community. 

Fast forward to the present, Dr. Farley helped to engage HSX with the Department of Public Health, and we have done several projects with them, including the recent support of the CHNA, the opioid surveillance tool, and Direct secure messaging with city clinics.  Most recently, he has been an advocate of HSX value in support of patients seeking care in other places due to the closure Hahnemann University Hospital.  

He unfortunately could not make today’s champions lunch so we plan to visit him next week to deliver this award, take his photo and thank him for his continued support of HSX.  He too will be on added to our HSX Wall of Fame!!