Denise Napier

President and Chief Executive Officer, Health Partners Plans

Denise Napier

Denise became the President and Chief Executive Officer of Health Partners Plans (HPP) as of June 1, 2019.

Denise first worked at HPP from 2004 through 2006 as Senior Vice President of Health Care Management Operations.  She oversaw utilization, case and disease management, accreditation, and a variety of other clinical quality functions.  She returned to HPP in 2016 as Executive Vice President of Clinical and Provider Management.  In this role, Denise was responsible for medical, behavioral-health, and pharmacy programs across all lines of business. She also leads the strategic development of all provider network relationships for HPP and maintains HPP’s provider satisfaction ratings as she works to improve contracting processes.  Denise focuses on care management and utilization across all lines of business, including Medicare (Health Partners Medicare), Medicaid (Health Partners), and CHIP (KidzPartners).

Under her leadership, the company’s clinical practices were streamlined and quality initiatives were launched that significantly contributed to HPP’s outstanding NCQA ratings. Denise also led the team responsible for creating programs to enhance the company’s risk scores, which generated significant revenue improvement. Additionally, under her leadership, several cost containment strategies were launched that produced significant savings for Health Partners Plans.

Prior to this role, Denise had more than 20 years of experience in diversified healthcare programs. She held CEO responsibility at competitor health plans in several states throughout the country.  She held leadership and executive-level positions at a number of managed care organizations, including Coventry, AmeriGroup, and AETNA Medicaid.   At her positions, she successfully implemented transformative clinical and provider strategies that increased membership growth, improved quality of care, and drove positive outcomes.

Denise received her bachelor of science degree in nursing from Widener University and her master of health administration degree from St. Joseph’s University.  She is a registered nurse in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.