HealthShare Exchange (HSX) is proud to unveil our new corporate branding and logo, as well as our four new brand pillars: Value, Quality, Access and Connect. This business pivot represents an important milestone in the evolution of HSX and demonstrates not only our commitment to our current membership, but also our strategic vision for the future of our industry. Our combined mission and vision is to deliver innovative solutions and real-time data access that enable payers, providers and care teams to collaborate and deliver the highest quality of care to their patients.

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hsx value quality access connect combo logo

As we celebrated our 10-year anniversary in May 2022, we were keenly aware of and inspired by changes in our industry based on our strategic planning process. Our maturing capabilities and the evolving needs of the industry have presented us with new opportunities to develop additional innovative value-add services. Now, HSX is shifting its business model from a “traditional” HIE to an “HIE as a service” approach that delivers value to new HSX products and services across each strategic pillar and best serve our constituents. Each new business pillar is described below: 

HSX value

Value – Our value-based care solution serves as a clinical data integrator well positioned to help both health plans and providers to achieve their value-based performance goals, improve population health, leverage the data for research, and meet quality reporting requirements, while simultaneously offering other data vendors the opportunity to share their data through a certified aggregator.

HSX quality

Quality – Our quality improvement and disease management programs target the consistency and cost effectiveness of clinical care by analyzing population health trends, improving provider workflows and addressing health equity barriers by identifying and acting on the social determinants of health needs of people with chronic illnesses. HSX Quality supports all our strategic pillars by convening healthcare stakeholders to better leverage our comprehensive data assets and to share learnings and best practices that improve the health of our region.

HSX access

Access – Formerly HSX MarketStreet, this is our multi-sided health data access platform that securely connects innovative digital health vendor partners that our health systems, health plans and other healthcare entities utilize. HSX Access enables these vendor capabilities with a solution that delivers faster, better and more cost-effective service.

HSX connect

Connect – Building upon our regional-focus and national reach, HSX’s industry-leading data exchange will expand the data set of patients and connected entities to increase value of the HIE. This will ultimately drive value to new products and services as part of the strategic pillars. As our data set grows, it can deliver further benefit to value-based care services, QI programs and future offerings.

This adjustment is not suggesting the HIE go away. Instead, the services will continue to be supported and improved upon with a focus on public health, post-acute and home health, while leveraging the HIE asset as a data aggregator connector and care team enabler that also supports and drives value for each new business area and strategic pillar.

Each pillar, while separate and distinct, conveys both the individual solutions, as well as together as a comprehensive offering. Additionally, they concisely represent the HSX brand promise as a tagline: value | quality | access | connect.

hsx value quality access connect combo logo
HSX pillars

Our new brand and logo identity conveys trust, confidence and innovation in a thoughtful, inspiring way. They enable you to just call us “HealthShare” or “HSX”, but you can continue to call us “HealthShare Exchange” too.

We are confident in the new strategic direction for our brand and our new solution pillars. Our leadership and team of experts is looking forward to taking this new vision to market to enable our members, stakeholders, constituents to elevate their offerings and improve the world of data-driven healthcare.