HealthShare Exchange is a nonprofit, member-driven collaboration of healthcare stakeholders representing almost all of the hospital/health systems, and several large health plans, in the greater Philadelphia region, as well as a variety of other participant organizations. 

It is a unique partnership among collegial, competing, and complementing healthcare entities within a major metro/medical market. HSX governance pursues effective decision making, and appropriate oversight and alignment in establishing and coordinating overall direction of an effective health information organization and its related programs and platforms.

Diagram depicts the HSX board and committee structure.  HSX’s staff works closely in coordinating, managing, taking guidance and direction from, and reporting to these bodies.  Overall, the board of trustees and HSX committees are highly engaged in HSX’s strategic and tactical activities.

HSX  participates in Pennsylvania Patient and Provider Network (P3N),  and the Sequoia Project (national health information exchange project of eHealth Exchange).  In addition, it works with local authorities and agencies and with the federal Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (an entity within the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services).

HSX also is part of the P3N Advisory Board and NJHIN Advisory Board.

Governance chart