HSX connects members to external endpoints including HIEs statewide through the Pennsylvania Patient & Provider Network (P3N), New Jersey Health Information Network (NJHIN), and Delaware Health Information Network (DHIN). Our partnership with these organizations promotes data exchange across state lines, ultimately supporting transitions of care for patients. Expanding geographically, HSX also contributes to eHealth Exchange, the nation’s largest information network. Learn more about our growing external relationships.


The secure, statewide health information exchange called P3N facilitates data exchange between all six Pennsylvania Health Information Exchanges (HIEs) including:

  • Central Pennsylvania HIE
  • Clinical Connect HIE
  • Lehigh Valley Health Network
  • MountNittany HIE
  • HealthShare Exchange

This partnership gives HSX members access to data from healthcare organizations that are directly integrated with other Pennsylvania HIEs. This data sharing benefits patients as they experience improved care coordination across the commonwealth. HSX members can access data from other HIEs through a variety of services including the Clinical Data Repository and our Encounter Notification Service. Access more information on P3N here.


HSX’s partnership with NJHIN, the health information exchange for New Jersey, promotes data exchange across state lines supporting transitions of care. Particularly beneficial to those in the southeastern region of Pennsylvania, HSX supports patients receiving care and providers with transitions of care between New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Learn more about NJHIN.


Supporting patients and transitions of care in Delaware, HSX shares limited data with DHIN. Patient emergency encounters are transmitted between organizations through our Encounter Notification Service. This allows providers and organizations to identify emergency encounters in real time, by subscription. Learn more about DHIN here.

eHealth Exchange

HSX participates and shares valuable health data nationwide through the eHealth Exchange, which provides access to over 20,000 healthcare organizations. Everyday, new organizations continue to partner with HSX, increasing data sharing opportunities. This broad network includes most of the nation’s HIEs. Through this partnership, HSX connects members with both federal and non-federal organizations spanning across all 50 states. More information on the eHealth Exchange can be found here.