Through HealthShare Exchange, a patient’s healthcare information can be securely available to your physicians and care team in a matter of seconds. Whether it’s an emergency situation or a routine doctors visit, HSX services allow you to arrive knowing that critical information is already at the fingertips of the physician. This allows for more time and more information for your care team to make more informed and personalized care plans.

HSX works to ensure consumer engagement and input with our Consumer Advisory Workgroup. This workgroup gives space for participants to share their thoughts and concerns regarding the exchange of patient’s health information. HSX uses this guidance from the workgroup to advance strategies, and to ensure patients’ needs and rights are being appropriately attended to.

A patient may opt out of sharing his or her information in HealthShare Exchange by completing a HealthShare Exchange opt-out form. In addition, a patient who has previously opted out may opt back in by resubmitting the form through his or her healthcare provider or directly to HealthShare Exchange. Please refer to forms and information to the right.