HealthShare Exchange (HSX) works with several accountable care organizations (ACO) and other risk-bearing entities that care for specific populations across the region. Through participation with HSX, ACOs have access to more timely notifications about patient activity in HSX-member hospitals and can more effectively coordinate care in collaboration with patients and their treating providers.

Service Descriptions

Encounter Notification Service (ENS)

Supporting transitions of care, HSX members can subscribe to their patient populations and receive notifications when these patients have had encounters across the healthcare continuum. This would include an admission or discharge notification for hospitalizations including the emergency department, or post-acute care facilities. HSX’s external network connections support this service and provide patient access to this critical data across Delaware, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. This data can be delivered through a variety of delivery mechanisms and sent real-time or as a summary list.
Encounter Notification Service (ENS) Overview

Clinical Data Repository (CDR)

Our Master Patient Index (MPI) serves as a database to patients in the HSX membership region. With sophisticated algorithms to accurately search and confirm a patient, HSX members can access significant clinical and claims data in one central location. Retaining information from our direct members, statewide through the P3N, and nationally from eHealth Exchange, our members can see encounters, patient problems, medications procedures, Continuity of Care Documents (CCDs), lab results and more robust clinical data. This information can be accessed in a variety of different ways to support provider’s existing workflow.

Clinical Data Repository (CDR) Overview

Quality Reporting

  • Leveraging the CDR, current medical information can be accessed by authorized users to support quality reporting initiatives.