Enabling Secure Data Sharing Between Vendors

HSX Access is a multi-sided platform that securely connects health systems, health plans and other healthcare entities to innovative product partners that seek to develop and support products, applications and services employing health data and/or healthcare integration.

HSX Access products and solutions aim at improving quality of patient care, as well as facilitating care transitions. A patient-first focus, collaboration between/among vendor partners and access to useful and meaningful data are key to developing innovative solutions.

A partnership with HSX Access opens the door for secure data sharing on behalf of mutual provider and payor organizations. A single point of integration can prevent the need for costly integrations into the data stream of each new provider or payor organization HSX Access partners take on as customers. HSX Access leverages the data flowing through HSX Connect to integrate the workflows of our members, sending and receiving clinical data in real time. The HSX team guides and collaborates with each vendor partner through the steps necessary to ensure secure and seamless access to required connectivity and information from use case development, security evaluations, consent management, etc.

Please contact us for more information on how you can accelerate data activation with our members, eliminating repetitive integration work and connecting one vendor to many HSX members: Better, Faster, Cheaper.