In organizations representing the continuum of care, there can be significant challenges coordinating care as patients are transitioning between various care settings.

By having access to hospital and provider data, post-acute care facilities (long-term care and skilled nursing facilities) are able to have a clearer picture about a patient’s clinical history.

HealthShare Exchange (HSX) currently has 50 participating post-acute care facilities.

Service Descriptions

Encounter Notification Service (ENS) – For Post-Acute Care Facilities

  • Once an organization supplies Admit, Discharge, Transfer (ADT) feeds to HSX, HSX can automatically subscribe discharged patients from the facility to this service for a period of time.
  • ENS auto-subscription then can provide notifications back to the participating HSX-Member organization about these discharged patients who are subsequently admitted within a defined timeframe (e.g. 90 days) to other HSX-Member emergency departments and hospitals, which can be valuable for care coordination and bundled payment programs.

Clinical Data Repository

Our Master Patient Index (MPI) serves as a database to patients in the HSX membership region. With sophisticated algorithms to accurately search and confirm a patient, HSX members can access significant clinical and claims data in one central location. Retaining information from our direct members, statewide through the P3N, and nationally from eHealth Exchange, our members can see encounters, patient problems, medications procedures, Continuity of Care Documents (CCDs), lab results and more robust clinical data. This information can be accessed in a variety of different ways to support provider’s existing workflow.

Clinical Data Repository (CDR) Overview

Direct Secure Messaging

Utilizing the national Direct Project standards, HSX helps members send and receive confidential patient health information by Direct Secure Messaging. This service transmits secure, electronic messaging between providers directly into their Electronic Health Record (EHR). If an organization’s EHR cannot support direct, HSX can provide a secure portal for organizations to use. Webmail, a web-based platform, allows providers to receive any type of clinical information including but not limited to Continuity of Care Documents, Encounter Notification Service or Referrals.

Provider Directory

Our Provider Directory (PD) contains over 15,000 direct addresses for clinical providers who actively participate with HSX. Members can utilize our directory to send secure messages regarding patients including Continuity of Care (CCD) Documents to other providers on the patient’s care team. Through our PD, members can securely communicate beyond their organization with other HSX member-based providers and participants regarding patient care.