HealthShare Exchange Completes Second Cycle of NCQA’s Data Aggregator Validation (DAV) Certification!

Philadelphia – May 16, 2023HealthShare Exchange (HSX), is excited to announce that it has successfully completed its second cycle of the National Committee for Quality Assurance’s (NCQA) Data Aggregator Validation (DAV) certification. This accomplishment showcases our commitment to excellence in healthcare data quality and solidifies our position as a trusted partner in the industry. This certification involves a third-party audit of HSX’s data quality policies and procedures, our output data formats, and primary source verification against the electronic health record.

What does this mean for our partners and stakeholders? It signifies that their trust is well placed in HSX as a reliable and credible source of healthcare data that is high quality and suitable for quality measurement, clinical decision support, population health and other important use cases. HSX has shepherded more than 60 healthcare provider sites through the certification process, and their data can be used as standard supplemental data for HEDIS purposes. 

The significance of this achievement extends beyond our organization. It reinforces our commitment to driving positive change in the healthcare ecosystem by facilitating seamless data exchange among providers, payers, and other stakeholders.