Don Mazza

Vice President & Chief Medicare Officer, Aetna Medicare Keystone Market

Don Mazza

For over 12 years, Don Mazza has been a noteworthy leader in the Medicare space for our organization. Many professionals know him to be the Vice President/Chief Medicare Officer of the Keystone Market, at Aetna Medicare.  But he can also be credited with important distinction of growing the Aetna Medicare footprint into the number one Medicare Advantage carrier in Pennsylvania.   

Don has held numerous leadership positions in the managed care industry for over 26 years, inclusive of sales, marketing, community development, business development, market entry/expansion, revenue and performance management. 

Today, he is responsible for the overall P&L of the Aetna Medicare business in Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Delaware, a $6.2B entity covering over 320,000 lives. 

When not overseeing Aetna’s largest Medicare footprint, Don and his wife Jennifer enjoy traveling, golfing, gardening, spending quality family time with their four adult children John, Nicholas, Sophia and Jordan and chasing around their 10-month-old Golden Retriever, Lola.   Don is originally from the Garden State, New Jersey, but currently resides in Chocolatetown USA – Hershey, PA.