Yelena Bedunkevich

Director of Human Resources

Yelena Bedunkevich

As HealthShare Exchange’s human resources director, Yelena conceptualizes, plans, and delivers HR solutions to drive performance assessment, as well as organizational, learning & development, and compliance initiatives. She develops policies, projects, and learning opportunities for the HSX team to foster an environment that drives maximum individual, team, and business success.

Yelena’s approach to human resource management is to build people, culture, and leadership strategies that align with business objectives.  Throughout her career, she has made it her goal to equip both organizations and employees with the means to achieve their very best –– with emphasis on strategic people-empowered solutions and cutting-edge HR-driven best practices.  Her journey has yielded leadership experiences and accountabilities in global, industry-leading companies and organizations, including Levi Strauss, the University of Pennsylvania, and the Educational Testing Service (ETS).

While at ETS, Yelena led all aspects of the human resource function for 500 internal employees and had primary responsibility for aligning human resource policies, workforce management practices, compliance and retention for a remote workforce that numbered up to 50,000 part-time employees located across the country and the globe.  Earlier, as a director of Undergraduate Admissions at the University of Pennsylvania, Yelena drew directly from her studies and research at the Wharton School to introduce a defined recruitment process with a focus on end-user commitment, analytics, and functional reporting.

Yelena’s current goal is to optimize the understanding of how human capabilities, empathy, and emotion will co-exist together with technological advancements in a high-level-expertise workforce.

Yelena earned her bachelor of arts degree in organizational psychology at Rutgers University and a master of arts degree in human resource policy from Stanford University.  She has also completed her Human Resource Management Professional Certification along with post graduate study at the Wharton School of Business.